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Welcome to the uRBAN wHIP hANDMADE Blog! Here you will find Recipes, DIY Tutorials, Fun Facts and Behind the Scenes posts as we share the uRBAN wHIP Journey! Come Along as we embark on this journey to transition From a traditional Job to an Entrepreneurial Family. My Desire is to work side by side my children as they Grow and Play. Focusing on paving a path for my children to sustain a long life and create multiple avenues of income.

My desire is to leave generational wealth in the land for my children’s children and to live a self sustainable life! When I was young in my early teenage years my parents and grandparents passed away and I was not taught the basic life skills that one requires as they grow to be self sufficient. I made a promise to myself that I would master these basics and teach them to my children as well.

My focus in this season is to properly manage my time, home and to raise the next generation for success. By equipping the next generation with the skill sets they need in order to live a prosperous life. Being a good steward in all areas. Raising kingdom warriors who have a deep intimate relationship with God. Leaving generational wealth in the land and creating multiple streams of income while building a legacy and uplifting/inspiring others. Having the strength, resolve and wisdom to persevere and make it work. To chase after success, never letting it go and believing that you can obtain it, chase after it and take it!

I have been gifted with a natural calling to encourage others. To believe in themselves, have the courage and hope to change the direction of their life with faith, handwork, focus, determination, support, encouragement and resources. I want to show everyone through my life that you can have your best life!

fUn FaCtS about The Owner + Founder Danielle Lasit: i am a designer, mom + creator. i love scents, colors, laughter, swimming and bubble baths. i believe in Grace to make mistakes + try again. i love creating, playing with my children, and building memories. my favorite candies are chocolate and cherry jolly ranchers.

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