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🌿 Welcome to uRBAN wHIP LLC - Nature's Touch for Your Skin!

Embracing Nature’s Bounty:
At uRBAN wHIP LLC, we're all about celebrating the wholesome goodness of our Handcrafted Soap and natural skincare delights. We're big believers in the gentle, nurturing power of Mother Nature on your skin.

A Nod to Tradition:
Our creations are a tribute to the age-old wisdom of pure essential oils, herbs, and all things natural. While we dive deep into history for insights, remember, our share of stories and applications is just that - a leaf from nature's vast book.

📘 Disclaimer: Knowledge Is Power, But It's Not Medical Advice

Our Site - A Treasure Trove of Info:
When you wander through our blogs, videos, pamphlets, and more, you're stepping into a world of educational gems. But remember, it's for your knowledge and enjoyment only.

Handmade with Care, Shared with Love:
Our soaps, shampoos, and potions are mixed and stirred for your pleasure and skin’s joy. The info we dish out is a blend from various sources, shining a light on the possible perks of nature's own ingredients.

Education, Not Medication:
The folklore and benefits we talk about are for learning purposes only. As much as we adore our natural buddies, they're not substitutes for professional medical care.

FDA Heads-Up:
Just to be clear, our chatter about health benefits hasn't been checked by the Food and Drug Administration. It's not a substitute for medical advice or for treating any health pixies you might be dealing with.

Your Health Team Comes First:
Got health questions? Always turn to your doctor or health pro. Our words are no match for their wisdom.

🚨 Allergy Alert & Skin Sensitivities

Listen to Your Skin:
Even natural ingredients can stir up a reaction. We can't promise your skin will be all smiles, so always patch-test first.

Severe Allergy Caution:
If you've got serious allergies, tread carefully. Our spaces are clean, but we can't promise an ingredient-free zone against all possible allergies.

📝 Product Reviews & Personal Experiences

Your Voice, Your Story:
All reviews on our site are straight from our customers' hearts. They're personal tales, not our claims.

📚 Legal Lowdown

Following the Rules:
This notice is in line with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. By diving into our site, you're saying "Yep, I get it!" to our Terms of Use and all the nitty-gritty rules.