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Our mission here at uRBAN wHIP is to offer a unique range of skincare, haircare + body care products as well as environmentally friendly home cleaning goods. Created with all natural, High quality ingredients. Hand crafted and handmade while providing a superior customer service experience, ease of shopping and a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

We hand make highly effective, products for bath, shower, skin, hair and home, loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables, gorgeous botanicals and essential oils, lovely moisturizing milks and butters! Mother nature makes some awesomely powerful ingredients all on her own and if used properly they're all you need for great haircare, skincare and home cleaning.

uRBANwHIP was founded by Danielle Lasit - A mom of 5 and the designer and manufacturer of all uRBAN wHIP products. She started this company in 2009 as an overwhelmed and working single mother, that was ready to slow down and enjoy the moments with her children. In a world that is constantly busy, she desperately craved a simpler lifestyle that was less frantic, more thoughtful, healthier and full of the good things!

Wanting to build the very best foundation for her young children while nurturing their self worth and self image. She began selling the very homemade concoctions that she whipped up in her kitchen to pamper and nourish her children without all the harsh chemical laden products that were seemingly the only options available to them at that time. With only a small budget allocated for personal care items in her growing family and knowing that she wanted to feed their skin and hair with the same nourishment that she did their bodies with natural, wholesome ingredients, uRBAN wHIP was born - out of a desire to give the best to her family and our desire to share it with everyone.



Together we all pitch in with the daily responsibilities. Hard work and responsibility builds character. We have a love and passion for all things natural! Working + Playing alongside our children as they grow is a blessing all in itself and one of the main reasons we decided to pursue our passion and turn it into a full- time business. We love to share information with our community and people in general. We offer a wide variety/range of handcrafted products in our fully stocked (online) boutique!



In addition to our online store we are looking to increase production and open up a brick + mortar location. There is nothing quite like a brick and mortar store to display your creations and interact face to face with customers. Our focus is that it is fun for our children and to be part of our neighbor/community. To create a fun and unique shopping experience, a place that is comfortable for all ages.

We want to invest in our community in a way that will make it stronger, and in a way that will bring people together. So, in addition to offering a fresh variety of skincare, haircare + home care products, we will provide many workshops to help inform and encourage our neighbors and friends, have a fresh juice bar, and be an advocate for healthy lifestyle choices.

We will offer workshops in person and online based on: Life skills, Home Management, Health, Play, Finances, Behavior + Discipline, Teachings in the form of: Meal Planning, Exercising, Crocheting, Sewing, Gardening, Urban Farming, etc. Learning how to live a healthier more positive + less wasteful lifestyle.

Learning & sharing how to live a healthier, less wasteful lifestyle. Forming lasting relationships & making sweet memories along the way! Striving to be a positive influence in all lives we touch. Additionally, we will offer weekly cooking classes + nutrition classes, family fitness events, an educational play space, gardening workshops and more!

Attend DIY classes, parties and workshops. We will offer several classes per week. The type of workshops we will provide will include but not limited to: Natural Green Cleaning, Food Preservation and Tips, Sewing, Gardening, Composting, Nail Art Bar, All Natural Juicing Classes as well as Soap Making Classes of course, etc.. In order to build an promote an environment for families and children to learn grow and feel welcome. A place where everyone can come and obtain resources to nurture and grow happy + healthy families.

Read aloud workshops: Everyday Story Hour, Mommy + Baby Time we will provide coffee, natural juice and sensory play for everyone.

Our Fun with the Littles Workshops include but not limited to: Play Dough Fun, Where we will provide different colored and scented molding clay as well as instructions to create all sorts of play-dough people and even hand out free play-mats & DIY Ebooks for the parents. Bubble Making fun, Ice Cream Dough Making Fun, Sidewalk Chalk Art & Finger Painting Play! As well as Party Playdates such as sensory play workshops including the uRBANwHIP Black Light Small Group Play for children.

We are also looking forward to Launching our in-store party venues: Birthday Parties, Staff Activity Nights, Mother’s Groups, Child Day Spa, Product Bottling Parties, you name it! Our doors will be open after hours to help celebrate for any occasion.




Empowering people and transforming lives. Leaving our plot of the world better than when we arrived
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