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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

πŸŽ‰ Production & Shipping Fiesta

Q: How fresh are your products? A: Fresh as a daisy! We whip up our goodies daily, so they're always fresh off the press.

Q: When will my order zoom out of your place? A: Lightning fast! Orders dash out 2-5 business days after you say 'go' with payments. We ship every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - like clockwork!

🌧️ Weather Warnings & πŸ“¦ Package Pampering

Stay Dry, Stay Happy! Keep your goodies out of the weather's mood swings. Remember, extreme temps and our products don't mix well!

Need a Signature? Just Ask!

  • Add a dash of safety with signature confirmation for only $2.10.
  • Give us a shout ASAP if you want your package to play it safe at the post office.

Insurance: Better Safe Than Sorry!

  • A little extra peace of mind for your package, especially for those globe-trotting orders.
  • Reach out for a quick chat about insurance rates and details.

πŸ” Product Safety Sleuthing

Skin Detective Work

  • We test on sensitive skin, but you're the best detective for your skin! Do a patch test first.
  • Any skin mysteries? Stop use and play it safe.

Nut Alert!

  • Nutty about nuts? Let's talk first! Our products might have nutty traces.

Bath & Shower - Slippery When Oiled!

  • Watch your step! Our oils can turn your tub into a slippery dance floor.
  • Post-shower tip: A hot water rinse keeps pipes happy and oil-free.

πŸ’‘ Smart Care & Handling

Cool as a Coconut

  • Our items like to chill below 75 degrees. Got a melty situation? The fridge is your friend.

Travel Temperatures

  • Hot journeys might soften our products. But don’t sweat it – the fridge is here to save the day!

πŸ›’ Shopping Smarts

No-Return, But Yes to Happiness!

  • Can't take it back, but we're here to turn frowns upside down. Unhappy? Let's chat and fix it!

Scrub-a-dub Fluff

  • Coconut oil in scrubs loves to play temperature tricks. Fridge + Stir = Magic Fluffiness!

Moms-to-Be & New Moms

  • Check with your doc for a no-no list of ingredients during this special time. Safety first!

πŸ’– From Our Heart to Yours

We're a family crafting each item with a sprinkle of love and a heap of care. We're over the moon to share our passion with you and hope our creations bring you as much joy as they bring us!