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Did you know that most commercial laundry soap contains phosphorus, enzymes, ammonia, naphthalene, phenol, sodium nitilotriacetate and countless other chemicals? These materials are very harmful and may cause rashes, itches, allergies, sinus problems and more. These detergents leave their residue your clothes, bed sheets, etc. and can be absorbed by your skin.

When it comes to using this product, less is more! We also do not add harsh foaming agents/surfactants, such as sodium laureth sulfate (beware this chemical is a main ingredient in shampoos and is very toxic to the body when it enters the bloodstream through the dermis).

Because of the lack of sulfates, you will not see many bubbles in the wash water, but this is by design and PERFECT because you will eliminate the soapy residue that remains on your clothes when using commercial brands, and the other important fact is that you will not have toxic petro-chemicals rubbing against your skin either!!! Do you really want these chemicals rubbing against your skin? Worst yet, your children's skin! The F.D.A. has now concluded that 60% of what we put topically on our skin actually goes directly into our bloodstream!

uRBAN wHIP's laundry products will leave your clothes clean and soft! Use one tablespoon of our concentrated formula per load for front loading HE washing machines and two tablespoons per load for traditional top loading machines.


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