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At uRBAN wHIP, we are not fans of antiperspirants. We can’t understand why anybody would want to put on some harmful product full of ingredients that you cannot pronounce onto an incredibly sensitive area, to stop your body from cooling itself off the natural way. Which doesn’t make sense. So we have formulated some lovely natural deodorants full of absorbent powders and effective essential oils which will let your skin perspire but also kill bacteria, keep your underpits dryad smelling amazingly fresh.

I am the Queen of Funky Pits! Being an active Mother of five children - Ask Me I know! Did you know that perspiring is actually a good thing? It is your body’s way of cooling down and eliminating certain toxins from the body. Body odor however is not so cool! Our range of deodorants are consistently effective and keeps you smelling fresh and Fabulous all day long. Its not the “Sweat” that causes those armpits to go stinking, its the bacteria that feeds off of it. so, to prevent that from happening, we jam pack lots of of antibacterial ingredients to neutralize odors and keep you dry.


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