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A Spiritual Awakening: Why I Chose to Step Away from Yoga

A Spiritual Awakening: Why I Chose to Step Away from Yoga

My Personal Journey of Faith and Consciousness

Hello, dear readers! Today, I share with you a deeply personal and transformative experience – my decision to stop practicing yoga. This isn't just a story of a changed fitness routine; it's about a spiritual awakening and a closer alignment with my faith.

The Last Goddess Pose: A Moment of Realization

It was during my last yoga session, holding the 'goddess pose,' that a profound question struck me: What would God think of this pose? As a Christian, this moment was pivotal. It wasn't just a physical stretch; it was a spiritual conflict.

Unveiling the Truth Behind Yoga Poses

After researching, I learned that many yoga poses are not merely physical exercises but are symbolic offerings to Hindu deities, like the Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana) dedicated to Kali. This discovery was unsettling, prompting a deep internal conflict and leading to my decision to leave yoga behind.

Yoga: More Than Just Physical Exercise

Yoga is often seen as a beneficial practice for physical and mental well-being. However, its roots are deeply spiritual, intertwining with Hindu beliefs and practices. For a Christian, this realization brings a moral and spiritual dilemma.

The Christian Perspective: Worship and Imitation

As a Christian, I believe in the sanctity of worship and the importance of directing it solely to the God of the Bible. Engaging in practices that could be construed as worship to other gods, even inadvertently, feels contradictory to my faith.

  • Biblical References: Verses like Psalm 148:3, Matthew 4:9-10, and Exodus 20:3-5 emphasize the importance of worshipping only God and avoiding idolatry in any form.

Alternative Paths to Fitness and Spirituality

Realizing the spiritual implications of yoga, I advocate for other ways to maintain physical fitness and spiritual integrity:

  • Simple Stretching: For physical wellness without spiritual conflict, simple stretching exercises can be effective.
  • Christian Meditation: Focusing on God, scripture, and prayer offers a spiritually fulfilling alternative to yoga meditation.
  • Physical Activities: Other fitness routines that align with Christian beliefs can be just as beneficial for health.

A Call to Awareness and Respect

This journey is deeply personal, and I respect the choices of others who may view yoga differently. My goal is to share my testimony and the insights I've gained. If yoga has been a part of your life, I encourage you to explore its deeper meanings and align them with your spiritual beliefs.

Conclusion: Honoring My Faith and Beliefs

Choosing to step away from yoga was a decision to honor my faith and deepen my relationship with God. It's a reminder that sometimes, the path to spiritual clarity involves letting go of practices that conflict with our core beliefs.

I am here to support anyone on a similar path and offer guidance on alternative ways to maintain both physical health and spiritual integrity.

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  • Danielle Lasit