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The scalp and hair are naturally acidic. Scientists measure the acidity of a substance using the pH scale.

The lower the pH value, the more acidic a substance is. A pH value of under 7.0 is considered acidic, while a pH above 7.0 is basic, or alkaline. Hair fibers have a pH of 3.67, while the scalp has a pH of 5.5.

Using hair products that have a higher pH value than the hair may result in dullness, frizziness, and damage.

Coffee is naturally acidic. The American Dental Association gives a pH value of 5.11 to the medium roast of a major brand.

Applying coffee to the hair can be a great way to help rebalance the pH levels of the hair and scalp.

Did you know that the matrix cells in a healthy hair follicle divide every 39 hours? The caffeine in coffee stimulates these matrix cells to divide, which in turn, stimulates the growth of hair. Also, caffeine contains antioxidants that reduce trans epidermal water loss and stimulate healthy hair cell production. 

The hair matrix is a critical part of the hair follicle structure. It produces keratin – a major protein that makes your hair. A research study conducted in Germany found that caffeine stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes. Furthermore, since caffeine is a stimulant, it also increases blood circulation to the hair follicles, which can enhance hair shaft elongation.

If you have weak hair follicles, you may face abnormal hair loss and baldness. Coffee stimulates hair follicles and fights against the loss of hair. You can witness hair loss with age, and it affects both males and females. The topical application of caffeine formulation has been found to reduce hair loss and promote regrowth.

In males, baldness occurs mostly due to the sex hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It damages the hair follicles and leads to hair loss. Caffeine blocks the effects of DHT in male hair follicles. It also prolongs the anagen (hair growth) phase. Women with high DHT levels also experience hair loss and can overcome this problem with coffee.

The antioxidant properties and nutrients of caffeine strengthen the hair follicles and, thus, add shine to your hair. Anecdotal evidence suggests that rinsing your hair with coffee reduces the dullness of hair and makes it smoother. This can also reduce frizz and revive your hair’s appearance.

You might think that caffeine has a drying effect on your hair because of its diuretic effect. But, on the contrary, it does not strip away the natural oils when you apply it to your hair. It helps your hair retain its moisture and natural shine. Furthermore, it increases blood circulation and helps the nutrients reach the roots of the hair, resulting in healthy and shiny hair.

Coffee can darken your grey hair. It works as a natural hair colour. If you apply coffee to your hair, the coffee stain will colour your hair and darken the shade of your hair strands. Technically, this is a natural way to hide your grey hair easily.

Try rinsing the hair with cold, brewed coffee or rubbing coffee grounds into the scalp. This can also help to scrub away dead skin cells from the scalp.

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  • Danielle Lasit