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Experience the Joy of Bath Time with Urban Whip's Bubble Bath Dough

Step into a world of playful indulgence with Urban Whip's Bubble Bath Dough - a unique, fun, and nourishing addition to your bath routine. Designed for the kid in all of us, this innovative bath dough brings a new twist to the art of bathing.

The Magic of Bubble Bath Dough

  • Unique Texture: Our Bubble Bath Dough boasts a fascinating texture that invites play and relaxation.
  • Innovative Invention: Born out of our passion for crafting exceptional bubble products, this dough is a delightful expansion of our uRBANwHIP Bubble Room collection.
  • Luxurious Bubbles: Enjoy the familiar foamy bubbles you love from our bubble bars, bath bombs, melts, and truffles, now in a playful dough form.
  • Rich in Moisture: Infused with Cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, the dough slowly melts in your bath, releasing moisturizing goodness that pampers your skin.
  • Multipurpose Delight: While perfect for creating bubbles, you can also use this dough as a foaming body scrub, thanks to its natural ingredients.

Making the Most of Your Bubble Bath Dough

  • Maximize the Bubbles: For the ultimate bubble experience, run your bath faucet at full blast. Massage the dough in your hands under the faucet to unleash the most luxurious bubbles.
  • Water Agitation: Enhance your bubble bath by agitating the water as the tub fills. This simple action can significantly increase the volume of bubbles.
  • Hard Water Solution: In areas with hard water, a little extra dough ensures you still enjoy creamy and foamy bubbles.

Your Feedback Matters We cherish your experience with our Bath Dough and would love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback helps us continue to innovate and bring joy to bath time rituals.

Embrace the Art of Bathing with Urban Whip's Bubble Bath Dough, and transform your bath time into an oasis of fun, relaxation, and skin-nourishing luxury. Try it today and share your bubble adventure with us!

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