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Chocolate Facial Mask Recipes ~

Word of Caution – Do not use if you are allergic to any of these ingredients particularly cocoa and dairy products or prone to allergic reactions. Consult a doctor before using.


Ingredients for Dry Skin:

½ cup Cocoa powder

½ cup Honey

3 tbsp Cream

2 tbsp Oatmeal


Ingredients for Oily or Combination skin:

½ cup Cocoa powder

½ cup Honey

3 tbsp Besan (gram flour or chickpea flour)

2 tbsp Curd


Instructions for Both Recipes:

Prep the skin by cleansing thoroughly and remove all makeup.

Place all the ingredients for your skin type in the blender and blend to a thick brown paste.

Leave to stand for 3-5 minutes.

Apply to the face and neck evenly avoiding the eyes, nostrils and lips.

Use a clean (old) makeup brush or even a pastry brush to apply your mask, making sure to properly clean brushes afterwards.

Relax for 15-20 minutes, close the eyes and cover with slices of cucumber if you have it, to revitalise the eye area. Keeping the skin and facial muscles relaxed is something that we often forget about when applying face masks but is highly beneficial in de-stressing the skin and allowing the ingredients work their magic!

Rinse off with tepid water, avoiding the eye area.

Give a final splash of cold water to tighten the pores and pat dry.


Cocoa: An Antioxidant, Firms and Tones the skin.

Honey: Softens, Nourishes, Hydrates the skin.

Oatmeal: Soothes, Softens, Anti- Inflammatory, and Water binding in skin cells.

Cream: Natural Moisturizing and Softening properties it is an excellent binding ingredient for face products.

Besan: Intensive Cleansing, Clarifying and Tightening properties.


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