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Discovering Mullein: Nature's Gift for Respiratory and Ear Health

Discovering Mullein: Nature's Gift for Respiratory and Ear Health

Unlocking the Secrets of Mullein for Wellness

Hello, nature enthusiasts and wellness seekers! Today, let's explore the wonders of mullein – a versatile herb known for its beneficial effects on respiratory health and more. Whether you're dealing with a nagging cough or looking for natural ear infection remedies, mullein might just be the answer you've been searching for.

Mullein's Magic: From Tea to Tincture

Mullein, a plant that thrives in gravel pits and roadsides, is much more than just a roadside weed. Its leaves and flowers hold potent medicinal properties.

1. Respiratory Relief with Mullein Tea:

  • How to Use: Mullein leaves are most potent in their first year. You can use them fresh or dried to make tea. This herbal tea is known for cleansing the lungs and drying up mucus, offering relief from coughing, wheezing, and sinus problems.
  • Preparation: Steep dried mullein leaves in hot water for a soothing tea.

2. Mullein Flower Oil for Earaches:

  • How to Make: Pick the yellow flowers in their second year, dry them, and then infuse them in olive oil for several weeks. This creates a natural antibiotic oil that's effective for ear infections.
  • Application: Use the infused oil as ear drops for relieving earaches.

3. Mullein Tincture for Overall Wellness:

  • Preparation: Dry mullein leaves and flowers, place them in a glass container, and cover with vodka (at least 80 proof). Let it sit for 4-6 weeks in a cool, dark place.
  • Usage: Strain the liquid to obtain mullein tincture, which can be used for respiratory issues and even spinal problems.

The Self-Seeding Power of Mullein

While mullein is excellent for health, it's also good at self-seeding. If you're growing mullein, be mindful of its spreading nature. Last year, I didn't manage mine, and this year, after some good rain and sun, I found myself cutting down 15 plants!

DIY Mullein Ear Oil with a Twist

  • Ingredients: Mullein flowers, garlic cloves, olive oil.
  • How to Make: Infuse the flowers and garlic in olive oil. This blend can be a potent remedy for earaches, combining the antibiotic properties of garlic with the soothing effect of mullein.

A Note on Harvesting

Mullein isn't always easy to find in bloom, especially in certain regions. If you live in an area where it's not readily available, you might have to plan a trip to the mountains or other natural areas during its blooming season.


Mullein is a remarkable plant that offers a natural solution for various health concerns, particularly respiratory and ear problems. Whether you're brewing a cup of its lung-cleansing tea or using its oil for an earache, mullein is a great herb to have in your home remedy arsenal.

Remember, while mullein is generally safe, it's always good to consult with a healthcare professional, especially when using herbal remedies for specific health conditions.

Embrace the power of nature with mullein, and breathe easier knowing you have a natural ally in your wellness journey!

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  • Danielle Lasit