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Living Intentionally: Nurturing Heritage, Creating Beauty, and Leaving a Legacy

Living Intentionally: Nurturing Heritage, Creating Beauty, and Leaving a Legacy

As I deal with my thought process and live intentionally, through my thoughts and actions, I can see clearer. Some days it's still foggy. I have been so hard on myself and my children that I have to constantly remind myself to sprinkle some grace over my LIFE!!

Life's journey often unveils unexpected paths, and for many of us, it's a dance of navigating through challenges while finding our unique way. For one passionate soul, this journey led to a profound discovery of embracing heritage, nurturing family, and creating beauty in the most natural ways.

"I have mixed children, each with different hair types. That led me to figure out ways to maintain their hair. Naturally. I have always taught them to embrace their mixed culture and be proud."

Navigating diverse hair textures ignited the journey of creating hair care products and lotions. "Money was so tight," she recalls, "so I started making these products out of necessity." The spark that lit the fire? Her daughter's tender age when faced with the first signs of needing deodorant. "I will not put those chemicals under her arms, no way," she asserted. And thus, her journey into crafting safe, natural deodorants began.

As her daughter grew, so did her love for creating natural products. "I made my first loaf of soap shortly after that and realized I really enjoy it." For some, cooking relieves stress; for her, it's all about soap-making. It's a therapeutic art, a way of expressing creativity, and a path to leaving a legacy.

"Teaching my children how to create income is really rewarding," she shares. "I am really serious about leaving an inheritance not only for my children but my grandchildren as well."

The pursuit of financial stability stems from her own history. "My parents and grandparents died when I was very young, and no one taught me about being financially stable. So, it is important to me that I instill it into my children!"

The desire to master homesteading skills echoes a longing for a mentorship she missed in her youth. "I would have liked to have a grandmother, nana, or momma to show me how to do these types of things, and so I made it a core priority to master it!"

In a world where heritage, education, and financial stability interlace, her journey is a testament to resilience, the pursuit of knowledge, and the determination to leave a legacy that transcends generations.

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  • Danielle Lasit