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Hello everyone yesterday we went over sprinkling some grace on ourselves and others, brushing ourselves off and trying again. In order to set yourself back in line with your life goals and mission we all need to have a plan! Here are few strategies that have hepled me tremendously in obtaining specific life goals that I have laid for my own life.

#1 You have to have a plan- A road map. Decide what success looks like for you. Define what that is for you. You Have To Have a Vision! In 5 Years where do you want to be, write the script for your ideal life! A plan that is going to take you exactly where you want to go consist of mastering some skills that will give you results. If you do not have a plan than that goal will never come to pass!

#2 Become a person of action- Locate where your time wasters are (your key distractors) & begin to take those away. Focus on one thing at a time and completing it. When days go by and you are not taking action than fear sets in. Take action on your key activities and master them. Find a plan that you can do & take action on that plan. If there is no plan you cannot take action. Eliminate the time wasters that will demotivate, deactivate and kill the actions on your action plan, to avoid fear from getting in front of you and hinders the spark that motivated you in the first place. Have the plan laid out in front of you and follow it.

#3 If you want increase you must increase your skills and knowlegde- Look at where you are at. What is your goal, what is your plan. That plan is going to require skill. If you want to build a skyscaper of success, you must have the blueprints of an Architect who has built one before. What do you need to do in order to accomplish these goals. Blue prints are only the first step. You need to haave skilled craftsmen & you must have blue prints developed by an Architect. Find someone with results and model them. Learn from them. What are they doing, what have they done in order to accomplish the goals that they had set for their lives? Do what they do!

#4 Eliminate Excuses- Excuses are well planned lies. Excuses are time wasters. What are you willing to do to be successful today? You need an unusual committment level to make the decision that you are not going to live your life by excuses any longer. What are you willing to do to succeed? What does tht unusual commitment level look like? Are you willing to make the necessary changes you know you need to make in order to become unusually successful?

#5 You Must have reminders- Put up reminders around you and in front of you! There are going to be distractions wherever you go- FB, Twitter, TV, LIFE and you have to know how to constntly keep the goal in front of you. What type of reminders do you have in front of you? You Can upload a photo on your phone to remind you. You can place reminders on your bathroom mirror, etc. I have vision boards and i keep my goals and to-do list on an App in my IPhone. It is Called Any.Do and has helped tremendously! I also have pictures and quotes around. To consistenly keep me focused.

#6 Faith to do the impossible- Have action moving faith! Believe in what you are doing. What you believe you will achieve. You must build your faith. Faith is a choice you must choose & believe that it will happen. Have extreme faith that the plans you have set for yourself and put into action will happen and come to pass. Have that “child-like” faith & say it will work. Chose to believe, activate it & step out and do it. You need faith to build unusal success in life.

#7 Be diligent & work with excellence- Laziness gets you nowhere!Excellence & diligence sets you apart from everyone else. Leaving crumbs on your kitchen table, letting your clothes stay on the floor all shows a lack of diligence. That lack will show up in other areas of your life. Work as unto the Lord in everything you do. Always do your best. Put your best foot forward, especislly during the times when you do not want to. Diligence and excellence is a practiced character trait. Make the decision to put forth excellence and diligence in all areas of your life: work, relationships, heath, etc.

#8 Keep a balance- Schedule a once a week date night with your children, spouse. Take time to enjoy life with your babies and family. Focus on Gods Word and His blessings! Create a fun budget and blow it having fun! Rest- You need downtime in order to go the distance. Stay on top of your health and exercise. Live the Life you want now. Keep the balance in your level of peace verse stress. Walk in the peace that supaasses all understanding!!!

Good Luck and I believe in you. Stay tuned I will drop nuggets of information and resources on these topics all year!

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  • Danielle Lasit