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Parenting with Honor: Reflecting Love in Our Daily Interactions

Parenting with Honor: Reflecting Love in Our Daily Interactions

Fostering a Home of Safety and Trust

Hello, dear readers and fellow parents! Today, I want to share a perspective that has profoundly impacted my parenting journey – the realization that as parents, our role extends far beyond mere guardianship. We are shaping souls, reflecting God's nature, and setting standards for what our children will perceive as acceptable and just in their lives.

A Revelation in Parenting

Honoring Our Children:

One day, I told my children, "No matter how upset I get, I have to always remember to honor you." This statement, simple yet profound, took them by surprise. It marked the beginning of a candid conversation about a seldom-discussed biblical truth.

Understanding Our Role as Parents:

While discipline and correction are part of our responsibilities, it's crucial to remember the biblical command not to provoke our children to wrath. This guidance isn't just about avoiding anger; it's about nurturing their spirits with respect and understanding.

The Deeper Truth of the Word

God Hears Their Cries Too:

The same God I turn to in my times of need is the God who hears my children's cries. If I expect divine intervention when I'm wronged, I must recognize that God will also defend my children if I cross the line. This realization brings a profound sense of accountability to my actions as a parent.

Our Children: God’s Beloved Creation:

Our children are, first and foremost, God's children. We are given the privilege of guiding them on their earthly journey, but they belong to a higher power. This understanding shifts the way we interact with them.

Modeling Divine Love and Justice

Setting the Standard:

As a mother, I am my children's first experience of what a woman, mother, and wife should be. My treatment of them sets a standard for what they will find acceptable in their own lives.

Reflecting God’s Nature:

Our interactions with our children reveal aspects of God's nature. We can either model a God who is just, loving, and trustworthy or risk painting a picture of a deity they might grow to resent.

Creating a Safe Haven at Home

Safety and Protection:

Our homes should be sanctuaries of safety, not places from which our children feel the need to protect themselves. This safety is not just physical but emotional and spiritual as well.

Conclusion: Parenting as a Divine Mission

As we navigate the joys and challenges of parenting, let us remember that our actions and words are powerful. They not only shape our children's present but also their perception of the divine. Let us strive to parent with honor, reflecting God's love and justice, and create homes where our children feel valued, respected, and safe.

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  • Danielle Lasit