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Sweet Treats for Mind, Body, and Soul: Embracing Natural Beauty with Urban Whip

Sweet Treats for Mind, Body, and Soul: Embracing Natural Beauty with Urban Whip

Embrace Natural Beauty with Urban Whip

Welcome to Urban Whip, a haven for handcrafted, all-natural products designed for your body, face, hair, and home. Here, we celebrate the joy of creating unique, eco-friendly products, each infused with love and care. Delight in our diverse range, all while embracing a fun, nurturing approach to skincare.

Urban Whip: A Commitment to Natural, Nurturing Skincare

  • Pure Ingredients, Pure Love: Our products are a testament to our belief in unprocessed, high-quality natural ingredients. Free from harmful chemicals, each Urban Whip creation is a luxurious treat, designed to protect and restore your skin naturally.
  • Fruitful Goodness: We infuse our products with real fruits and vegetables, ensuring every item is as nourishing as it is delightful. If it’s wholesome enough to eat, it’s perfect for your skin!
  • Chemical-Free Philosophy: We advocate for clear, understandable ingredient lists. Steer clear of long, unpronounceable words – simplicity is key. Trust in Mother Nature’s offerings for the best in skincare.

About the Founder: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Family

  • Danielle Lasit's Vision: As a homeschooling mother of five, Danielle embarked on a journey transitioning from traditional employment to entrepreneurship. Urban Whip is not just a brand; it's a family adventure, a pursuit of a dream alongside her children.

Our Handmade Promise

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Urban Whip products are crafted traditionally – by hand, in small batches, ensuring attention to detail and quality in every item.
  • Unique for Every Skin: Understanding that everyone's skin is unique, we encourage a 28-day trial to allow your skin and hair to fully adjust to our natural products. Experience the complete cycle of cellular renewal with Urban Whip.

Deepen Your Skincare Love

  • Discover Your Perfect Alchemy: Experiment with our products to find your ideal skincare routine. Mix and match to cater to your skin’s specific needs at any given moment. We believe you'll fall deeper in love with your skincare journey.
  • Connect with Us: We're here for you! Chat, DM, or reach out on social media – your Urban Whip family is just a message away.

Join us in this delightful journey of self-care, nature, and family with Urban Whip. Your path to natural beauty starts here!

Danielle Lasit & The Urban Whip Crew
Cherishing Nature, Crafting Beauty

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