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uRBAN wHIP: Crafting Natural Beauty with Heart and Soul

uRBAN wHIP: Crafting Natural Beauty with Heart and Soul

An Interview with Danielle Lasit, Founder of uRBAN wHIP llc

Q: The name 'uRBAN wHIP' is unique. Can you tell us how you chose it?

A: uRBAN wHIP llc was born from our urban family's passion for creating something beautiful and sustainable. The name reflects our urban roots and the 'whipping up' of handmade products. It symbolizes our journey from 'Sprinkle with Grace' to a brand that blends diligence, love, and a dash of grace in everything we do.

Q: What inspired you to start uRBAN wHIP and focus on natural products?

A: The journey began in 2009 as a personal mission. I was looking for non-toxic, natural products for my daughters and realized the importance of clean, safe skincare and haircare. I wanted to provide for my family in a way that's true to our roots and respectful of the environment. That's when I decided to turn this need into a creative venture - uRBAN wHIP.

Q: What's the bigger vision for uRBAN wHIP?

A: Our dream is to establish uRBAN wHIP llc as a self-sustaining business and an urban oasis. We're aiming for a brick-and-mortar presence that's not just a store, but a community hub offering cooking and nutrition classes, fitness events, and an urban farm. It's about creating generational wealth and a legacy, teaching my children the value of hard work and the joy of nurturing something from the ground up.

Q: Your product names are delightful! What's the inspiration behind them?

A: Our love for urban farming and kitchen adventures with my children is our muse. We enjoy juicing and baking, which naturally inspires our product line. It’s all about bringing the joy and wholesomeness of sweet treats and farm-fresh goodness into our skincare and haircare products.

Q: Can you tell us more about your family’s role in uRBAN wHIP llc?

A: Urban Whip is a family affair through and through. Each of my children plays a crucial role, contributing to daily tasks and learning about business management firsthand. It's about fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork, as well as teaching them valuable life skills.

Q: For those interested, how can they purchase uRBAN wHIP llc products?

A: Our products are available online through our Etsy shop (uRBANwHIP.etsy.com) and our website (uRBANWHIP.com). We also host live online events and pop up at various retail locations. Keep an eye out for updates on these!

Q: Lastly, where can people follow uRBAN wHIP's journey?

A: We're active on several social media platforms. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. For more insights and updates, visit our blog at uRBANwHIP.com.

This interview with Danielle Lasit offers a glimpse into the heart and soul behind Urban Whip - a brand that's more than just natural products; it's about family, community, and sustainable living.

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