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Wash Day - Routine for Healthy Long Hair

Chemical hair treatments permanently alter the out layer of the hair shaft creating a porous cuticle – under a microscope chemically treated hair looks like swiss cheese. Once hair is damaged by chemical colorings, perms or straightening chemicals, people are sold a myraid of synthetic products that artificially coat the hair with plastic or protein polymers to make it look and feel undamaged.

The more damaged the hair, the more porous it becomes; the more porous the hair, the more it absorbs these synthetic "protein" polymers. The detox process takes time. Sometimes when people begin using Natural Shampoo Bars, their hair may feel stiff, sticky, oily, heavy or dry.

This feeling may persist until the residues of protein and plastic polymers have been completely removed, but if you’re patient, the end result is worth the wait. If you have chemically treated your hair, you should plan to use your natural Shampoo Bar for three to four weeks in order to completely detox the hair and remove polymer buildup.

If you intend to continue using chemical treatments for your hair, you will probably not be happy with the look of your hair when it is cleaned with a shampoo bar and finally free from the synthetic plastic coating agents. Chemically damaged hair without plastic coating agents may appear to look darker because the hair is roughened and will not be shiny and reflect light. Damaged hair can also look straw-like and feel rough to the touch. Damaged hair tends to tangle much more easily and is weakened because of the chemical’s erosion to the cuticle leaving it more susceptible to breakage.

Cleansing: No Poo Or Shampoo Bar

Take a palmful of conditioner or Shampoo Bar and massage scalp and starting at the top, then sides, crown, back and end at the nape of the neck. Now Flip and Repeat at the Nape of your Neck, Side, Back and Crown. Repeat and Rinse

Take fingertips and vigorously massage scalp. Then take (another) palmful of conditioner and emulsify (Rub) between hands and smooth down sides and back of hair. Smooth and massage hair and rake fingers gently threw hair to remove any shedding. Rinse out. Starting from about 3 inches away from your scalp rub conditioner onto the rest of your hair. Comb through with fingers. Then go about with the rest of your shower. When you are ready to step out, rinse your hair out with COLD water. It will close the cuticles of the hair and smooth the hair follicles leaving it shiny, soft and less detangled.

Drying Your Hair:

No TERRY CLOTH! The Loops and Harsh Texture of a terry cloth towel will break your hair as you dry it off!

Cut a T-Shirt Directly under the armpits straight across now, cut along one side straight up in order to have a rectangular piece of material

Flip your head left and scrunch, flip your head right and scrunch, flip your your head forward and scrunch. Making sure to squeeze gently – then apply leave-in conditioner.

Flip your head left and scrunch leave in conditioner, right and scrunch leave in conditioner, Flip back and scrunch leave-in conditioner until you feel the slipperiness of it. Then take your handmade towel and scrunch out the excess.

Foundation Styling Products:

Holding Creme or Gel

Use a dime size to start with, rub in between palms. Flip & Scrunch Gently, being careful not to really agitate your hair shaft much. Flip again and gently, scrunch another dime sized amount of gel into hair, flip forward: scrunch, flip back: scrunch. Scrunch Top and Outer Layer Gently.

Apply a Hydrating Creme

Apply A Small Dime-sized amount. Rub vigorously in between palms and Flip: Scrunch Quickly and Sparingly, Leaving some product on hands apply the remainder to the top portion and outside layers of hair. Pull Top up (bangs) out of face and let air dry WITHOUT touching! For one full hour. When 90% dry Scrunch hair gently to soften and YOUR DONE! BANG

You can find a selection of Shampoo Bars and Cleansers, as well as Jersey Knit Handmade Hair Towels, All Natural Leave-In Conditioners, and other handcrafted, all natural treats for the hair and body!

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