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Welcome to the Urban Whip Handmade Blog: A Journey of Family, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Living

Welcome to the Urban Whip Handmade Blog: A Journey of Family, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Living

Hello, and a warm welcome to the Urban Whip Handmade Blog! I’m Danielle Lasit, the heart behind Urban Whip, and I’m delighted to invite you on a journey that intertwines family, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to sustainable living. This blog is more than just a space for recipes and DIY tutorials; it’s a peek into our journey as we navigate the transition from traditional employment to a family-run entrepreneurial venture.

🌱 Embracing Entrepreneurship and Family

Our story is unique. After losing my parents and grandparents at a young age, I realized the importance of mastering and passing on essential life skills. This blog is a testament to that promise - to not only teach my children the skills for self-sufficiency but to also nurture their growth alongside mine.

💼 Building Generational Wealth and Sustainable Living

My aspiration goes beyond the now. It’s about laying down a foundation for generational wealth, creating a legacy for my children’s children. It’s about living a life that’s self-sustainable, rooted in the wisdom of the past and the innovation of the present.

🕒 Time Management and Raising Successful Generations

As we journey through this season, our focus is on managing time effectively, creating a nurturing home, and equipping the next generation for success. We believe in raising individuals who are not only successful in their endeavors but also deeply connected with their faith and values.

🌟 Inspiring and Encouraging Others

One of my gifts lies in encouraging others - to instill belief, hope, and the courage to change the trajectory of their lives. Through this blog, I want to demonstrate that it’s possible to lead your best life through faith, hard work, focus, and relentless pursuit of your dreams.

🎨 Meet Danielle: The Heart of Urban Whip

A designer, mom, and creator at heart, I find joy in scents, colors, laughter, swimming, and bubble baths. I believe in the power of grace to overcome mistakes and the beauty of trying again. My life is a canvas of creation, playful moments with my children, and building lasting memories. And yes, I have a soft spot for chocolate and cherry Jolly Ranchers!

🌟 What to Expect from Our Blog

  • Recipes & DIY Tutorials: Discover natural, easy-to-follow recipes and DIYs for skincare, haircare, and homecare products.
  • Fun Facts & Behind-the-Scenes: Get an insider’s look into the workings of Urban Whip, from our creative process to the day-to-day operations.
  • Life Lessons & Entrepreneurial Insights: Learn valuable lessons on entrepreneurship, sustainable living, and parenting.
  • Community & Encouragement: Join a community where encouragement and support are at the forefront.

📚 A Closing Note

This blog is more than just a collection of posts; it’s a narrative of a family’s journey towards sustainable entrepreneurship. It

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