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Winter Skincare Wonders: Keeping Your Skin Hydrated and Happy!

Winter Skincare Wonders: Keeping Your Skin Hydrated and Happy!

Winter can be a wonderland, but it's not always so wonderful for your skin. The cold, dry air outside and the warm, dry air inside can leave your skin feeling dehydrated and dull. But fear not! With these four essential tips, you can keep your skin feeling as cozy and comfortable as a warm fireside all winter long.

  1. Lukewarm Luxury: Those hot showers might feel divine, but they're not so kind to your skin. Instead, indulge in shorter, lukewarm showers or baths. They're just as relaxing and much kinder to your skin’s natural oils.

Product Tip: Enhance your bath with our bUTTER bATH bOMBS, infused with cocoa butter shavings for a deeply moisturizing experience. Or, drop in one of our luxurious bath oils, rich in coconut and almond oils, to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

  1. Moisture Magic: Right after your shower or bath, gently pat your skin dry and lavish it with a rich lotion to lock in moisture.

Product Tip: Our body lotions are a perfect choice, packed with hydrating glycerin, aloe, moringa oil, and a blend of cocoa and shea butters, ensuring your skin stays hydrated longer.

  1. Scrub Softly: Exfoliating is key to soft skin, but remember, once a week is plenty! Over-scrubbing can irritate your skin, especially in winter.

Product Tip: Try our gentle wALNUT Body Butter Scrub, a nourishing blend of ground rice, aduki beans, almonds, and a rich butter base. It exfoliates and moisturizes simultaneously for a smooth, supple finish.

  1. Facial Skincare Shift: Your face needs extra love in the winter. Consider switching to hydrating cleansers and richer moisturizers to combat the chill.

Product Tip: Swap out harsh facial soaps for our gentle Facial Balm or Cold Cream Cleansers. They clean without stripping, leaving your skin balanced and nourished. Follow up with oNE oF oUR fACIAL mOISTURIZERS, designed for sensitive skin and packed with soothing ingredients like dove orchid extract, almond milk, and cocoa butter.

Winter doesn’t have to mean dry, flaky skin. With these tips and our specially formulated products, your skin can stay as radiant as a snowflake and as soft as a cashmere blanket all season long! For more winter skincare advice, head over to our hANDMADE bLOG, and let's embrace the cold with skin that glows! ❄️💧🌿

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