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Our Berry Cream Hair + Scalp Mask Treatment is enriched with a blend of natural ingredients, each offering unique benefits for hair health and growth:

  1. Black Tea: High in antioxidants and caffeine, it promotes hair growth by improving scalp circulation and blocking DHT, a hormone linked to hair loss.

  2. Green Tea: Contains catechins and EGCG, which reduce hair loss by inhibiting DHT production. Rich in Vitamin B, it enhances hair growth and strength.

  3. Sweet Potato: A nutrient-rich ingredient, offering B vitamins, potassium, vitamin C, and zinc, crucial for hair growth and health.

  4. Apple & Apple Seed: Apples strengthen hair roots and balance scalp pH, while apple seeds stimulate follicles for healthy, stronger hair.

  5. Blueberries, Cranberries, Raspberries: These berries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, promoting hair growth, preventing premature aging, and nourishing the scalp.

  6. Colloidal Oatmeal: Moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy scalps and prevents dandruff with its reparative effects.

  7. Banana: Rich in potassium and natural oils, it softens the hair, enhances manageability, and prevents split ends and breakage.

  8. Maca Root: Stimulates the scalp, nourishing hair follicles for improved hair thickness and strength.

  9. Basil Leaf: Improves scalp circulation, stimulating hair follicles for new, healthy hair growth.

  10. Apple Cider Vinegar: Strengthens hair, enhances luster, and maintains a healthy scalp pH.

  11. Avocado: Packed with vitamins and minerals, it supports the scalp’s natural barrier and hydrates hair.

  12. Red Raspberry Leaf: Restores damaged hair cuticles, nourishes dry scalps, and promotes hair elasticity.

  13. Heavy Cream: Hydrates and repairs sun and chemical-damaged hair, preventing breakage.

  14. Honey: Moisturizes hair, adds shine, and restores hair’s natural luster.

  15. Jasmine Flower: Strengthens hair roots, promotes hair growth, and adds shine.

  16. Marshmallow Root: Conditions and detangles hair, prevents breakage, and soothes scalp irritation.

  17. Saw Palmetto: Nourishes the scalp, encourages hair growth, and blocks DHT production.

  18. Cinnamon: Nourishes hair with vitamins, improves blood circulation in the scalp, and promotes hair growth.

  19. Mango Leaves: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they aid hair growth and improve scalp health.

  20. Avocado Leaf: Strengthens hair, leaving it healthy and glossy.

  21. Sage: Regenerates new hair follicles, improves blood circulation to the scalp, and rejuvenates dry or thinning hair.

This potent combination of natural ingredients in the Berry Cream Hair + Scalp Mask provides comprehensive hair care, promoting growth, strength, and overall scalp health.

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  • Danielle Lasit