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The Fenugreek Cream Hair Milk Butter is a versatile, all-natural hair care product designed to moisturize and rejuvenate both the scalp and hair. Suitable for all hair types, this leave-in product is especially beneficial for promoting hair growth, thickness, and overall hair health.

Key Features:

  • Ingredients: Combines natural butters (Cocoa, Shea, Mango) with Fenugreek seed, Flaxseed oil, Pumpkinseed oil, Neem oil, Tamanu oil, Black Jamaican Castor oil, Sunflower oil, and essential oils (Tea tree, Carrot seed, Vanilla bean).
  • Fenugreek Seed: Known for its hair and scalp repairing properties, it helps in reducing scalp irritation and dandruff.
  • Natural Oils and Extracts: Blend of natural oils provides deep nourishment, promotes hair growth, and strengthens hair.
  • Leave-in Treatment: Designed to be used without rinsing, making it convenient for regular use.


  1. Scalp Nourishment: Ingredients like Neem oil and Tamanu oil soothe the scalp and combat issues like dandruff.
  2. Hair Growth Promotion: Fenugreek and other herbal extracts aid in stimulating hair growth and improving hair thickness.
  3. Moisturizing Properties: Butters and oils in the serum deeply moisturize the hair, preventing dryness and breakage.
  4. Environmental Protection: The serum offers a protective layer against environmental stressors, preserving hair health.
  5. Versatile Use: Suitable for all hair textures, the serum can be used for various hair needs and conditions.

Application Tips:

  • Warm Oil Method: For enhanced effects, warm the oil slightly before applying to the scalp.
  • Massage Technique: Use fingertips to gently massage the serum into the scalp, promoting blood circulation.
  • Small Quantity Use: A little amount goes a long way, ensuring the jar lasts longer while still being effective.
  • Extra Shine: Apply a small amount to the palms and smooth over hair for additional shine and protection.

User Experience:

  • Pleasant Aroma: Natural scents of peppermint, cloves, and cinnamon make the application enjoyable.
  • No Residue: The serum absorbs well, leaving no greasy residue or heaviness.
  • Family-Friendly: Safe for the whole family, offering a natural alternative to chemical-laden hair products.

Safety and Storage:

  • All-Natural Ingredients: Free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for regular use.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place to maintain the efficacy of natural ingredients.

Ideal for those seeking a natural hair care solution, the Fenugreek Cream Hair Milk Butter offers a nourishing, growth-promoting, and protective treatment, embodying the essence of holistic hair health.

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