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Brighten Up Playtime with uRBAN wHIP Natural Finger Paint – Safe, Vibrant, and Worry-Free!

Embrace Creativity with Peace of Mind

Hello, creative parents and guardians! Are you constantly searching for ways to spark your child's imagination while ensuring their safety? If so, you're going to love what we have in store for you. Introducing uRBAN wHIP Natural Finger Paint – the perfect blend of fun, color, and safety for your little ones.

Why Choose uRBAN wHIP Natural Finger Paint?

We understand the concerns that come with traditional finger paints. The unknown chemicals, the fear of them ending up in tiny mouths – it's enough to dampen the joy of painting. That's why we've created a finger paint that alleviates these worries.

100% Non-Toxic and Food-Grade Ingredients

Our finger paints are crafted with your child's safety as our top priority. Made from completely non-toxic and food-grade ingredients, uRBAN wHIP offers a safe painting experience. If your little artist decides to taste their artwork, there's no harm done!

Natural Preservatives for Longer Shelf Life

Unlike typical homemade finger paints, our product contains all-natural, gluten-free preservatives. This not only extends the shelf life but also eliminates the need for constant refrigeration. Store it in the fridge to further prolong its usability, but rest assured, it remains perfect for weeks at room temperature.

Vibrant Colors for Little Imaginations

We believe in a colorful playtime! Our paints come in a range of vivid colors that will capture your child's imagination. From playful pink to deep blue, every jar is a gateway to a world of creativity.

Washable and Kid-Friendly

We know that creativity can get messy, which is why our finger paints are designed to wash out easily from clothes. However, we recommend caution around items that can't be washed.

Choose Your Palette

Our finger paints come in a 4-pack of 4-ounce jars, giving you the freedom to choose from pink, purple, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, black, and brown. Mix and match to create the perfect set for your child, and let us know your choices in your order note.

Creative Ideas to Get Started

Once you have your uRBAN wHIP Natural Finger Paints, the possibilities are endless. Set up a painting station, roll out some paper, and let your children express themselves. Create themed artworks, mix colors to discover new shades, or even use the paints for educational activities like color recognition and counting.


With uRBAN wHIP Natural Finger Paint, you're not just choosing a product; you're choosing peace of mind. You're giving your children a tool to express themselves safely and vibrantly. So, let the fun begin, and watch as your little ones create their masterpieces with the safest, most colorful paints around!

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  • Danielle Lasit