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This "Garlic + Onion Hair Growth Mask" incorporates a multitude of natural ingredients, each offering specific benefits for hair health:

  1. Onion: Stimulates hair growth, nourishes follicles, rich in antioxidants and sulfur, increases hair elasticity, and improves blood circulation in the scalp.

  2. Garlic: Contains allicin with antifungal properties, rich in vitamins B-6 and C, manganese, selenium, and calcium for stimulating hair growth and strengthening hair.

  3. Bentonite Clay: Provides deep moisture, cleanses the scalp, removes toxins, and strengthens hair.

  4. Yogurt: Contains probiotics that promote hair density, boost hair growth, and improve scalp health.

  5. Aloe Vera: Anti-inflammatory, UV-protective, regulates scalp oil, and promotes hair growth with vitamins A, C, and E.

  6. Avocado: Source of biotin for healthy hair growth, minerals like potassium and magnesium improve hair smoothness and shine.

  7. Buttermilk: Strengthens hair follicles, cleanses scalp, and nourishes hair for growth and shine.

  8. Carrot: Promotes faster and thicker hair growth, conditions hair, and improves texture.

  9. Cayenne Pepper: Contains capsaicin to stimulate hair follicles, leading to healthier, stronger hair growth and increased volume.

  10. Coconut Fruit: Lauric acid nourishes hair, provides quick moisture, tames frizz, and heals breakage.

  11. Colloidal Oatmeal: Reparative and moisturizing for hair and scalp, soothes dry itchy scalps, and prevents dandruff.

  12. Mustard Seeds: Loaded with vitamin E, conditions hair, and regulates sebum production.

  13. Neem: Antifungal properties help treat dandruff and relieve scalp irritation, regenerative properties reduce hair fall.

  14. Okra: Vitamins A, C, and K, along with other nutrients, support hair growth, moisturize the scalp, and eliminate dandruff.

  15. Pimento: Strengthens and thickens hair, increases blood flow to the scalp, and supplies nutrients.

  16. Tomatoes: High in vitamins A and C, strengthen hair strands, add shine, and balance scalp pH.

  17. Rose Petals: Rich in vitamins, nourish the scalp, and stimulate hair follicles for growth.

  18. Rosemary: Promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall, and improves circulation in the scalp.

  19. Watermelon: Vitamin C-rich, promotes hair growth, improves scalp blood circulation.

  20. Amla: High in essential fatty acids, iron, and carotene, stimulates hair growth, and softens hair.

  21. Cloves: Antioxidants and nutrients strengthen hair, treat dandruff, prevent thinning, and promote hair thickening.

  22. Ginger: Improves scalp circulation, stimulates hair follicles, strengthens hair strands, and restores moisture.

  23. Horsetail: Contains silica and silicon, strengthens hair and nails.

  24. Nettle Leaves: Rich in silica and sulfur, enhance hair shine and health.

  25. Lavender: Antimicrobial properties prevent dandruff and scalp infections.

  26. Spearmint: Anti-fungal, antibacterial, treats scalp conditions, and soothes itching and dryness.

  27. Rice Flour: Strengthens and smoothens hair, repairs damage, and improves hair elasticity.

  28. Kaolin Clay: Calms and cleanses the scalp, balances oil production, and smooths damaged hair.

  29. Saw Palmetto: Prevents hair loss, fights scalp inflammation, promotes hair growth, strengthens hair follicles, and regulates testosterone levels.

This comprehensive blend of ingredients is designed to nourish, strengthen, and rejuvenate hair, addressing issues from hair loss and thinning to scalp health and hair hydration.

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  • Danielle Lasit