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All Purpose Cleaning Bits + Spray Bottle Set

Product Description

🌿 Introducing the Ultimate All-Purpose Cleaning Bits and Spray Bottle Set! 🌿

Tired of harmful chemicals in your cleaning routine? Ready for a cleaner, greener, and safer home? Look no further! Our Cleaning Bits and Spray Bottle Set is here to transform your cleaning experience while saving the Earth and protecting your loved ones.

🌍 Save the Earth, Protect Your Family! 🌍

🍃 All-Natural Cleaning Bits: Our cleaning bits are a game-changer. Just pop one cube into hot water, let it dissolve, and pour it into the included spray bottle. It's that easy! Safe for cleaning hard surfaces, baby toys, high chairs, and even shopping carts. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals!

🌱 Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic: Combine our Cleaning Bits with our UnPaper Towels for an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and highly effective cleaning solution. Our formula contains 100% natural bacteria-killing ingredients, so you can clean with peace of mind.

💰 Economical & Convenient: Each jar of Cleaning Bits contains 40-50 bits, enough to make 35-45 8 oz bottles of All-Purpose Sanitizing Solution. That's less than $0.25 per bottle! No more measuring out multiple ingredients. Simply dissolve one bit in 8 oz of hot water, and you're ready to tackle your entire home.

🌟 Why Choose Cleaning Bits? 🌟

✨ Kills Bacteria & Disinfects: Our bits help eliminate bacteria, disinfect surfaces, and remove dirt effectively, leaving your home sparkling clean and germ-free.

✨ Child-Safe & Child-Friendly: Get the whole family involved in chores! Our cleaning solution is safe for kids and encourages them to help with the cleaning.

✨ Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our bits come in a reusable and reclosable stand-up pouch, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. We embrace a slightly yellow hue due to the natural essential oils and ingredients—no artificial coloring added!

🚀 The Perfect Spray Bottle: Our 8 oz spray bottle is just the right size for one batch of solution. It's labeled with water-resistant labels, so no need to worry about smudging when wet. Directions and ingredients are right there for your convenience.

♻️ Eco-Conscious Shipping: We care about the environment, which is why we ship our spray bottles empty. You add water at home, reducing shipping weight and emissions.

📝 Directions for a Cleaner Tomorrow: Simply add one bit to the bottle, pour in 8 oz (1 cup) of hot water, and let it cool before use. Always test the product on a small area to ensure compatibility with your surfaces.

🏡 Where to Use: Our cleaning solution is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, toy room, children's room, and great for use on multiple surfaces.

🌿 Ingredients You Can Trust: Our Cleaning Bits are crafted from organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, glycerin (kosher, vegetable origin), purified water, sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent), sorbitol (moisturizer), sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), soybean protein (conditioner), tea tree oil, calendula extract, bergamot essential oil, and grapefruit essential oil.

✨ Refill and Reuse: Don't worry about running out. We offer refill bags of cleaning bits to replenish your jar. Just reach out to us!

Join our uRBAN wHIP hOME cOLLECTION and experience a cleaner, greener, and healthier way of living. Order your All-Purpose Cleaning Bits and Spray Bottle Set today and embark on a journey to a toxin-free home! 🌱🏡

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