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bIKINI wAX | Pit Wax | Lemon Sugar Wax

Product Description

Sugar wax hair remover is a natural and effective way to remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body. It is gentle on the skin and can be used on the face, bikini area, underarms, legs, and more. Here's how to use it:

How to Use Sugar Wax Hair Remover:

  1. Warm the Wax: Start by warming the sugar wax to make it easy to apply. You can do this by placing the jar of sugar wax in a pot of hot water. Make sure not to overheat it, as it should be warm but not too hot to handle.

  2. Prepare the Skin: Ensure that the skin is clean and dry before applying the wax. You can lightly dust the area with some talcum powder to absorb any excess moisture or oil.

  3. Application: Using a spatula or your fingers (if the wax is at a comfortable temperature), apply a thin layer of sugar wax onto the skin in the direction of hair growth. Ensure that the wax adheres well to the hair.

  4. Apply Cotton Strip: Immediately place a cotton strip or fabric strip over the waxed area. Press it down firmly, ensuring good adhesion to the wax.

  5. Ready to Remove: Hold the skin taut with one hand to create tension, and with the other hand, grab the end of the cotton strip that is not attached to the skin.

  6. Quick Pull: In one swift and quick motion, pull the cotton strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This should be done parallel to the body and not upward.

  7. Repeat if Necessary: If there are any remaining hairs, you can reapply the sugar wax to the same area and repeat the process.

  8. Clean Up: After waxing, you can clean any residue with warm water. Avoid using soap or products with alcohol immediately after waxing, as they may irritate the skin.

  9. Moisturize: Apply a soothing and moisturizing lotion or aloe vera gel to the waxed area to help calm the skin.

Sugar wax hair remover is known for being a gentle and natural option for hair removal, and the lemon scent adds a refreshing touch to the experience. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and take your time to ensure effective and comfortable hair removal.

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