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Charcoal Deodorant Powder | All Natural

Product Description

Individuals who suffer from irritation after using deodorant may notice an increase in discomfort when they apply the product to freshly shaved skin. Fortunately at uRBANwHIP we specialize in powder deodorants, which can be gentle and soothing to broken or irritated skin. Many of them offer a greater degree of comfort than traditional stick and roll-on deodorants, too; there can be something soothing about applying the soft powder to the skin.

Herbal Mineral Rich Deodorant Powder that works and smells divine! Loaded with Odor busting Herbs, Charcoal, Magnesium and Probiotics

Our Charcoal Deodorant Powder is made with sage, rosemary and tea tree powders, which are then blended with tea tree and lavender oils and a super absorbent charcoal base.

ingredients: arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, Kaolin Clay, Witch Hazel leaf, Apple Cider Vinegar powder, Baking Soda, Aloe Vera, Magnesium Hydroxide, Sage Leaf, Lavender bud, Chamomile, Gentian, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Neem Leaf, Activated Charcoal

Listing is for a four ounce glass bottle

Neem is a popular herb that has been a part of traditional medicinal remedies dating back. almost 5000 years. The antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiseptic properties in neem leaves help in eliminating harmful odor-causing bacteria and toxins from your body.

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