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Use our gARLIC + oNION hAIR & sCALP sERUM as a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster. Apply onto the roots and scalp.

For better results warm the oil before massaging it into your scalp. Help curb scalp infections with an amazing blend of oils, herbs and extracts that will improve the overall health of your hair and scalp.

Will also help strengthen hair and promote hair growth. Will stop hair fallout and shedding. Frequent use of this oil promotes healthy and lustrous locks. It is extremely beneficial for all hair types

All Urban Whip products are handmade, with no harmful chemicals.

oUR gARLIC + oNION hAIR sERUM is an all-natural serum of concentrated herbal remedies that enhance scalp health to strengthen hair at the roots. Every Bottle Contains A sLICE oF oNION, gINGER and gARLIC that we dehydrate and freeze dry in - house

Massage Tip: Always use the pad of your fingertips. Start from the forehead hairline along the arteries in the front, side, and back of the head, making small circles with your fingertips. Work your way toward the top of the head as if drawing a circle. The movements should be rhythmic and continuous. This is Optional - Soak a medium sized towel in hot water, wring it out and wrap it around your head. Keep it there for 10 minutes. « Show Less

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Flaxseed oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, Tanamu oil, Grapeseed oil, Mustard oil, Neem, Nettle, Comfrey Leaf, Horsetail, Rosemary, Bay leaf, Lavender


Garlic - Anti-microbial: Components of garlic have been shown to have antiviral and anti-fungal properties, making it helpful for the scalp's viral or fungal infections. Minimizes dandruff and stimulates hair growth: Applying garlic powder to the scalp leads to increased skin perfusion (or blood circulation in the scalp). Increased blood flow in the scalp leads to increased hair growth. Rich in sulfur: A necessary element in keratin production. Keratin is the protein that makes up 90% of the hair fiber. Natural DHT blocker: DHT is believed to be the culprit to androgenic hair loss or genetic hair loss. Protects from sun damage: A 2016 study demonstrated that the antioxidants in garlic might have the ability the protect against ultraviolet damage. Effective against hair loss: Another study found that topically applying garlic to the hair twice a day for three months might help reduce the risk of hair loss associated with alopecia.

Onion has sulphur that is said to prevent thinning and breakage of hair. Lesser hair thinning and breakage will ensure thick hair growth. Onion mildly nourishes hair follicles with the help of sulphur. Nourished hair follicles will allow regeneration of healthy hair.

Ginger helps improve the circulation of the scalp while also stimulating each hair follicle, which in turn promotes natural hair growth. The many vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in ginger also contribute to strengthening your hair strands to combat hair loss, and ginger contributes to restoring moisture loss.


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