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Product Description

Experience the soothing and refreshing benefits of our oRAL rINSE | lAVENDER. This therapeutic oral hygiene rinse is crafted with a blend of potent natural ingredients to eliminate plaque-causing bacteria, improve gum tissue, lighten tooth enamel, and freshen breath. Enjoy a wonderfully refreshing experience while maintaining optimal oral health.

Key Benefits:

Eliminates Plaque-Causing Bacteria: Effectively targets bacteria responsible for plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath.
Improves Gum Tissue: Promotes healthier gums with regular use.
Lightens Tooth Enamel: Helps to naturally lighten stains on tooth enamel.
Freshens Breath: Leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean with a delightful lavender flavor.
How to Use:

Shake Well: Ensure the bottle is well shaken before each use to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
Measure: Pour approximately 1 teaspoon of the rinse.
Swish: Swish in your mouth for one minute.
Spit: Spit out the rinse. Do not swallow.
Use: Use between meals, after brushing, and flossing to disinfect and ward off bacteria.

Colloidal Silver: Known for its antibacterial properties, helping to combat oral bacteria.
Distilled Water: Provides a pure base for the rinse.
Witch Hazel: Acts as an astringent, tightening and soothing gum tissue.
Hydrogen Peroxide: A natural oxidizing and bleaching agent for lightening stains.
Grain Alcohol: Serves as a natural preservative and antiseptic.
Aloe Vera: Soothes and heals gum tissue, offering anti-inflammatory benefits.
Lavender Distillate & Flower: Adds a calming and refreshing flavor while providing antibacterial properties.
Glycerin: Moisturizes and soothes the oral cavity.
Butterfly Pea Flower: Rich in antioxidants, supporting oral health.
Vanilla Bean: Provides a pleasant, natural flavor.
Peppermint & Egyptian Mint: Refreshes breath and offers antibacterial benefits.
Cinnamon & Clove: Known for their antimicrobial properties, helping to reduce bacteria in the mouth.
Why Choose Our oRAL rINSE | lAVENDER:

Natural and Effective: Made with high-quality, natural ingredients known for their oral health benefits.
Refreshing Experience: Leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean with a soothing lavender flavor.
Holistic Care: Provides a comprehensive approach to oral hygiene, targeting bacteria, plaque, and bad breath.
Enhance your oral care routine with the soothing and effective benefits of our oRAL rINSE | lAVENDER. Keep your mouth healthy, fresh, and revitalized with this therapeutic blend from uRBAN wHIP LLC.

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