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Product Description

The ORAL HYGIENE RINSE from URBAN WHIP appears to be a comprehensive oral care solution, formulated with a variety of natural ingredients. Each component is selected for its specific benefits to oral health. Here's an overview of the ingredients and their roles:

Ingredient Benefits:

  1. Aloe Vera: Offers healing and anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates cell regeneration, soothes gum tissue, and selectively targets harmful oral bacteria.

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide: Acts as an antiseptic and natural bleaching agent, helpful for lightening tooth enamel stains.

  3. Green Tea Extract: Provides antioxidants to combat harmful bacteria and plaque, with anti-inflammatory benefits for gums.

  4. Calcium Carbonate: A mild abrasive that removes plaque and polishes surface stains, while supplying essential calcium to strengthen teeth.

  5. Oregano Oil: Known for anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce infections and boosts the immune system.

  6. Fennel: Contains polyphenols with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties.

  7. Eucalyptus: A powerful antioxidant that fights plaque buildup and treats gum inflammation.

  8. Colloidal Silver: Has antibacterial properties, known to inhibit bacterial replication and aid in healing tissue damage.

  9. Kaolin Clay: A mild abrasive rich in minerals like calcium and potassium, helps to detoxify and polish teeth, and may aid in mineralizing teeth and healing decay.

  10. Peppermint: Freshens breath, promotes stress relief, and supports digestion.

  11. Cinnamon: Adds a spicy flavor and is valued as an antioxidant for healthy immune function.

  12. Baking Soda: Gently scrubs teeth, removing stains and plaque.

  13. Stevia: Used as a natural sweetener to enhance flavor without the risks associated with Xylitol.

  14. Clove: Offers antiseptic and germicidal properties, fights infections, and relieves toothache pain.

  15. Myrrh: Contains antiseptic properties beneficial for overall oral health.

  16. Strawberry: Naturally whitens teeth.

  17. Chlorophyll: Improves bone structure, helps eliminate bad breath, and is rich in vitamin K, known for its role in blood clotting and potentially strengthening teeth.

  18. Menthol: Widely known for its cooling and refreshing properties, menthol helps in freshening breath and can provide a soothing effect on the gums. It's also effective in reducing minor discomfort in the mouth due to its mild anesthetic properties. The fresh, invigorating scent of menthol contributes to a feeling of cleanliness and freshness post-rinse.

  19. Menthol's inclusion in the oral rinse enhances the product's ability to freshen breath while providing a soothing and cooling sensation in the mouth, contributing to a pleasant oral hygiene experience.


  • Recommended for use between meals, after brushing and flossing.
  • Simply shake well, swish approximately 1 teaspoon in the mouth for one minute, then spit.


The rinse combines Aloe Vera, Hydrogen Peroxide, Whole Grain Alcohol, Strawberry Infusion, Egyptian Mint, Chlorophyll, Vanilla Bean, Stevia, Baking Soda, Glycerin, Menthol, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Clove, Fennel, and Green Tea Extract.

This product seems to offer a multi-faceted approach to oral hygiene, targeting bacteria, plaque, and gum health, while also focusing on natural teeth whitening and breath freshening. The use of natural ingredients is a key highlight, making it a suitable option for those seeking a holistic approach to dental care.

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