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Product Description

Urban Whip's Papaya + Plantain Oats Soap Bars are a luxurious and skin-nourishing treat. Here's what makes them special:

Key Ingredients:

  • Papaya and Plantain: Loaded with real papaya and plantain fruit, these soap bars provide natural exfoliation and skin-renewing benefits.
  • Creamy Goodness: They contain ingredients like heavy cream, buttermilk, coconut milk, and goatsmilk, which provide hydration and nourishment to the skin.
  • Skin-Friendly Oils and Butters: Cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, oat oil, and coconut oil make these soap bars rich and moisturizing.
  • Clays: Mineral mud clays, kaolin clay, Brazilian clay, and bentonite clay add detoxifying properties and a smooth texture to the soap.

Skin Benefits:

  • These soap bars are suitable for daily use and are particularly helpful for addressing various skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, rashes, dryness, and oiliness.
  • They leave the skin soft and hydrated without stripping its natural oils, which can contribute to premature aging.
  • The inclusion of real fruits, milks, butters, and vegetables in the soap blends offers additional skin benefits.

Milk and Yogurts: These ingredients contain lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which helps remove dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth. They are also rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, D, B6, B12, biotin, and protein, promoting healthier skin.

Storage Tip: To prolong the life of these soap bars, it's recommended to store them in an open area where air can circulate around them. This allows the bars to re-harden between uses, increasing their longevity.

Urban Whip's Papaya + Plantain Oats Soap Bars offer a natural and skin-loving cleansing experience. Each bar is unique due to its handmade nature and is naturally scented with no added fragrance oils. It's a great choice for those looking to pamper their skin with wholesome ingredients.

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