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Womb Wellness | hERBAL iNTIMATE sTEAM bATH | Postpartum + Maintenance

Product Description

uRBAN wHIP's Postpartum Steam Bath is a product designed to support the restoration and toning of the womb after childbirth. Here are the key details about this postpartum care product:

Postpartum Period:

  • The postpartum period begins immediately after childbirth and typically lasts for 40 days. During this time, new mothers are encouraged to stay home, rest, bond with their baby, and focus on healing and recovery.

Dual Purpose:

  • uRBAN wHIP's Postpartum Steam Bath serves a dual purpose:
    1. Herbal Bath: It can be used as an herbal bath by adding 1 cup of the herbs to 2 quarts of boiling water. After steeping for 20 minutes, the infusion is strained and added to a bath for a soak of at least 20 minutes. This herbal bath is beneficial for both the mother and the baby and can help speed up the healing process.
    2. Yoni Steam: It can also be used as a Yoni steam by simmering 1 ounce of the Yoni Steam Herbs in a covered pot for 10 minutes and allowing it to steep for an additional 5 minutes. The pot is then placed under a chair with open slits, a bucket, or a bowl in the toilet. The user sits over the steam for about 20 minutes, covering themselves in a blanket to capture the steam and wearing warm socks. Afterward, it's recommended to lay down under warm blankets for at least an hour. The best time to do a Yoni Steam Bath is right before bed, and it's important to avoid exposure to cool air and drafts.


  • The product includes a variety of herbal ingredients, including:
    • Basil Leaf
    • Castor Oil Leaf
    • Calendula
    • Comfrey Leaf and Root
    • Epsom Salt
    • Lavender
    • Lemongrass
    • Mango Leaf
    • Mint
    • Moringa
    • Oregano
    • Papaya Leaf
    • Peppermint Leaf
    • Plantain Leaf
    • Rose
    • Raspberry Leaf
    • Sea Salt
    • Shepherds purse
    • Spearmint
    • Uva Ursi
    • Witch Hazel
    • Yarrow

Reusable Glass Jar:

  • The product is packaged in a 32 oz reusable glass jar with a screw lid, making it convenient to use and store.

In summary, uRBAN wHIP's Postpartum Steam Bath is a versatile product designed to support postpartum recovery and wellness. It can be used as both an herbal bath and a Yoni steam, offering potential benefits for healing and toning the womb after childbirth. The product's herbal blend includes a variety of natural ingredients known for their potential therapeutic properties.

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