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Womb Wellness | Toning Tea Blend | Womb Toning Tea | Cramp Relief

Product Description

uRBAN wHIP's Toning Tea Blend, also known as Womb Toning Tea, is a herbal formula designed to support and tone the female reproductive system. Here are the key details about this product:

Toning and Regulating:

  • This tea is intended to tone and regulate the female reproductive system. It is recommended to drink at least three cups of this tea every day throughout the month, with a particular focus on the 10 days leading up to your menstrual cycle. However, it is best to avoid consuming this tea once your menstruation begins.


  • The tea is made from a blend of organic herbs, including:
    • Dong Quai
    • Nettle
    • Oatstraw
    • Raspberry Leaf
    • Horsetail
    • Licorice
    • Peppermint
    • Rose Petals

Pairing with Other Products:

  • For a comprehensive approach to reproductive health and menstrual discomfort, it is suggested to pair this tea with uRBAN wHIP's Cramp Relief Herbal Tea and uRBAN wHIP's Original Yoni Steam.

Not Recommended in Certain Cases:

  • It's important to note that this blend is not recommended for consumption during menstruation, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

Usage Instructions:

  • The tea can be prepared by steeping the herbal blend in hot water. You can add honey and lemon to taste for flavor.

In summary, uRBAN wHIP's Toning Tea Blend is formulated to support the female reproductive system and promote overall reproductive health. It is suggested to be consumed regularly, with a focus on specific times in the menstrual cycle, and should be avoided during menstruation, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. The tea contains a blend of organic herbs known for their potential benefits for women's health.

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