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When you think about natural fruit and vegetable oils that provide health benefits for your hair and skin, your thoughts may immediately jump to the ever-popular, coconut and avocado oils. Yet, there’s another kind of oil made from a fruit that has incredible health benefits that goes a bit more unnoticed. Keep reading to learn how you can use one of your favorite fruits to keep your hair and skin, healthy and beautiful.

Rich in nutrient

Apple seed oil is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. Flavonoids, polyphenols, and vitamin C are all among the antioxidants that apples contain to help protect your body from illness, disease, and other bacteria that threaten your health and wellness. When you opt to use any kind of apple products in your daily routine, you’re making conscious strides forward in the natural elements you’re using on and in your body.

Helps heal dry scalp and eliminate dandruff

Struggling with dry scalp? Apple seed oil is here to help. Dry scalp can occur for a variety of reasons, and dandruff occurs because of dry scalp. Getting to the root cause can help you remedy it as quickly as possible. Think about the exposure that your scalp gets during the hotter months of the year and while wearing protective styles like braids, twists and cornrows. Direct sun, dirt left on the scalp, certain types of shampoo, and stress are all definite factors for dandruff and other scalp issues. Using apple seed oil as a moisturizing elixir for a dry scalp is one surefire solution. Additionally, you can use it as a final rinse while you’re washing your hair to help clean the dirt from your scalp so you can be sure that you rid your scalp of any lasting causes of dandruff. A certain fiber in apples, pyrus malus, can help you reset the balance of your scalp as well. Apples are essentially a one-size-fix-all problem for a dry and dandruff-plagued scalp! Be sure to combine the apple seed oil with your favorite LIC (leave-in conditioner), like the uRBANwHIP Leave-in Conditioner, for scalp and strand-protection between washes.

Promotes hair loss reduction

Among all the other benefits of apples for hair, they can also aid with hair loss reduction. Apples contain B-2 and biotin, which are some of the most sought-after nutrients to keep hair healthy. Your apple seed oil will help to trigger hair growth as well as strengthen the roots of your hair so that you can prevent severe hair loss. Also, remember what causes dry scalp and dandruff? UVB exposure, dust or dirt left on the scalp can all trigger hair loss. Once again, apple seed oil is here to save the day. Don’t skip it in your daily routine!

Prevents gray hair

Okay, so this may not be all it sounds like. Apples aren’t a hair dye after all. That said, those with black hair know that finding a gray hair here and there isn’t reserved just for the elderly. In fact, gray hair can grow on individuals of any age. For those of you with black hair, you can help to prevent and remove gray hairs by using apple seed oil. Overcome your gray hairs by taking advantage of the polyphenols that improve hair health and maximize the natural, shiny black color you’re accustomed to. It may not last forever, but it’s a much more natural solution than heading to the salon and men might prefer this route as well!

Acts as a heat protectant

We all love our blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons, but your hair needs protecting from all of that heat! Luckily apple seed oil, and products with apple seed oil, can help to act as a natural heat protectant when you want to get a little bit fancier. All you have to do is apply the apple seed oil product from your roots to your ends before blow drying or using another hair styling tool, and you can feel confident that you’re keeping your hair safe and sound. The magic of apple seed strikes again!

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  • Danielle Lasit