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1. Cloves for Fresh and Clear Skin

Clove is strong in nature and it helps to eliminate pimples and acne. It works as a natural antiseptic. It is applied on cuts, infections and it helps to cure body ache too. It also kills bacteria from skin and makes skin clearer. It has a tingling sensation, which means it works on painful pimple deeply. Its rich antioxidant properties keep skin healthy and smooth. It comes with great blemishes clearing properties too. It peels dark spots and scars, and makes skin clear and healthy. As it is very strong, you should use it carefully.

As a natural remedy to eliminate acne, take 3 drops clove oil and mix with 2 tsp raw honey. Mix together and wash your face or you can also try tea tree oil face wash. 

2. Cloves For Candida

One of the most power applications of clove is to fight candida; something that I have spoken of at length, and something that continues to plague Americans because of their high-sugar, acidic diets.

Published in the journal, Oral Microbiology & Immunology, a study was conducted to see how it fared against other anti-fungal treatments and observed that clove was as effective as nystatin, a drug commonly prescribed to manage yeast infections of the mouth (thrush) and includes a slew of ugly side effects.

Also, in addition to eliminating candida, clove essential oil is effective at killing intestinal parasites and an effective treatment for a short-term parasite cleanse.

To do a candida cleanse, you can take clove oil internally for 2 weeks but I recommend being under the care of a physician or nutritionist when doing this. Also, consume large amounts of probiotic rich foods and eliminate processed sugar and grains for a time.

3. Cloves For Toothaches and Oral Care 

Clove works as a great antiseptic and it has a strong sensation which keeps mouth fresh for longer. It is almost a tradition to use cloves for oral care. It helps to reduce dental pain and gum problems.

Clove oil gives instant relief from sensitive tooth. Just add some clove oil to your regular toothpaste. It gives stronger teeth. Clove has a very strong, fresh smell which keeps mouth fresh and removes bad breath.

Clove is widely accepted as a reliable solution for dry socket and for relieving the pain and discomfort associated with various dental disorders.



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  • Danielle Lasit