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How to Correctly Apply a Face Mask ~

Use you middle three fingers to apply the face mask or use an appropriate face mask brush.

Exfoliating masks need to be applied with the fingers so they can massage the product into the skin and loosen up the dead skin cells.

Start applying the mask on the neck and work up onto the face trying to get an even application.

Apply around the hairline, avoiding the eye area, eyebrows and lips.

Wash hands when you are finished and relax for the recommended time.

If you have some cucumber slices chill with a couple of slices on your eyes.

Cucumbers are soothing and cooling and will add hydration whilst reducing any puffiness around the eye.


Removing a Face Mask ~

Mud Masks – Take a face cloth or natural sponge and soak in warm water.

Squeeze out some excess water and apply the face cloth onto the face holding for a few seconds.

Do this around the mask until you find it loosened up.

Rinse out and start wiping off the mask gently, taking care not to pull the skin.

When completely off do a rinse with warm then cold water to close the pores. Pat the skin dry.

Peeling Masks – These should come away by lifting it at the edges and gentling removing.

Continue to remove the “skin” off and use some skin tonic such as rosewater or witch-hazel to remove any last bits.

Rinse with a splash of cold water and pat the skin dry.

Moisturizing Face Masks – You can either use a face cloth, face sponge or your fingers.

As these are cream or fluid in consistency, they are removed quickly and easily.

Use sweeping movements over the face and neck to remove all traces of the mask.

Finish with the splash of warm water and then cold. Pat the skin dry.

Wipe the skin with a skin toner or tonic to remove any last traces of mask and to tighten the pores of the skin. If you have none or don’t use just apply your regular moisturizer after the cold rinse splash.

Use your regular moisturizer on the face and the neck. The neck is often forgotten about but it is one of the first signs of the ageing process, along with the delicate eye area.

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  • Danielle Lasit