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Some Helpful tips for Eczema on the Body

There are so many factors that cause eczema, and the diagnosis itself is really a blanket term for skin dermatitis. This soap will relief the itching, dry scaly patches & some of the inflammation from eczema, however, if your eczema is caused by an allergen that's still present in your home, it will continue to flare up. So I've made a little list of winter eczema relief:

1. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water! Seriously, drink water as if your life depended on it. Our skin is the largest organ, and eczema is characterized by dry skin or dehydrated skin. There's a difference in the two, although they both feel the same, and the way you control them is different.

If your skin is dehydrated then you have a buildup of cells and dry patches that flake. The buildup is preventing your skin from properly retaining water. Making sure you are drinking enough water is the best way to keep your skin hydrated. The suggested daily intake is half your weight in ounces. Use that guide as a minimum because that is the recommendation for normal skin. 

2. Exfoliate. This step is equally important as drinking water. You need to remove the dead cells, and by regularly exfoliating you eliminate the build-up and skin is able to stay hydrated more effectively. Exfoliation also increases healthy blood flow, re oxygenating the skin.

3. True dry skin means your skin does not produce enough oil on it's own. You need to use products that replenish oils and keep your skin moisturized. The best way is to moisturize with a product you can eat. This may sound crazy, but stay with me. 

Many customers with eczema tend to use the same product: Petroleum Jelly (gasp)! Doctors recommend it, and for the life of me I don't know why. It's literally a bandaid solution. Petroleum Jelly, paraffin, mineral oil, all are refined from crude fossil fuel. They are not able to be absorbed into the skin, so they sit on the surface. They are moisturizing your skin, nor are they providing your skin with healthy oils.

Now, petroleum does make the skin retain it's moisture because it effectively traps the moisture under it. But it also inhibits the skin from removing toxins, sweating, and absorbing natural moisture from the air. Furthermore, crude oil by products have absolutely no nutrients nor healing properties. 

So again, use a moisturizer you can essentially eat, like nourishing aloe Vera juice, antimicrobial rich coconut milk, spring water, milky lotions etc. Moisturize with thick creams made with natural products to provide your skin with moisture and natural oils.

4. Seal your skin with natural butters like shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut butter, or oil blends with a heavy molecular weight like castor oil, and use those in place of petroleum products. 

5. Read your product labels! Stay away from shower gels and soaps that contain sulfates (sls). Your skin already has a difficult time retaining moisture or producing oil, so it's important not to use products that can strip your skin of its natural oils. Use an anti-inflammatory all natural soap during severe episodes of dry patches (very common in the cold winter); soap with naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids and lactic acids as in goats milk soap bars. As well as oatmeal is an added bonus to soothe. Use products that are pH balanced.

6. Get some sun. Vitamin D is known to improve the symptoms of eczema & psoriasis in addition to overall health, so try getting a few minutes of sunshine. It's winter, I know, and the sun won't play nice. You can just as easily take a vitamin D supplement if you aren't able to twirl in the sun a little each day. You'll have to discuss with your doctor an appropriate dosage.

This list in no means is a definitive guide and are merely suggestions of simple things you can do to keep your skin it's healthiest. As I said, eczema is caused by several different factors and you may need to make other changes in your home, such as changing you laundry detergent or your diet. Of course, consult your physician before trying any new supplements or foods, especially if you have known allergens. 

Essential Fatty Acids are the absolute best for exposed Eczema raw skin changes. I personally found it best to opt for very basic organic ingredients. The Aim is to keep the skin at optimum moisture levels.

Make a deliberate effort to include plenty of rainbow foods into your diet, these are raw fruits and veggies of all colors. These help ensure that you ingest all the beneficial enzymes & antioxidants available for bodily functions. Choose Organic Foods & get plenty of rest because sleep is a great rejuvenator. Healing Eczema from the inside out is key!

Soap – I would recommend using only soap that contains all natural vegetable glycerine, A soap that is extra moisture rich, loaded with fats & oils! Commercial soaps lack the wonderful all natural glycerine that is produced from a handcrafted bar of soap because they remove it in the soap making process in order to sell it. As it is worth more if sold to other industries than left into the bar of soap. So they replace it with harsh manmade detergents/ chemicals!

Avoid Sodium Laurel Sulfate at all costs. This is a known skin irritant. This harsh chemical detergent is found in most, if not all commercial mainstream skincare/ haircare products. It disrupts your skins acid mantle. Avoid Commercial Bubble Baths – as they strip the body of its necessary natural oils because they contain more SLS than commercial shampoo & body washes. Skin needs to retain a nice natural water resistant base to defend itself from microbes and such. Human sebum is nessacary in healthy skin! Sebum & sweat combine to form a healthy Acid Mantle (PH Balance) for the skin’s protection.

Over washing can seriously damage the skin. Removing harsh detergents & avoiding products with petrochemical deprived emollients improves the skin’s ability to function

When it is time to bathe –

1. Wash with an all natural, moisture rich bar of soap. Making sure to have an extremely mild & moisture rich bar. A 100% Castile Soap or Baby Bastile Soap bar work wonders on the skin! They are extra moisturizing and extremely mild! Great for sensitive skin and Babies. You can find them here if you are interested! 

2. Carefully Pat the skin dry & apply an all natural shea butter cream loaded with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil & Coconut Oils. If you are interested in the product we use it is located HERE 

3. Put on Breathable 100% Cotton Clothing! You should replace your Laundry Soap with either a sensitive chemical & dye free version or a Handmade Laundry Soap! You Can either Make your own Or Purchase an All Natural Laundry kit HERE 



Laundry Soap Powder Recipe:

Yields Approximately 32 ounces

1. Bar of Shaved/Grated Bar of Soap (Felps-Natha, Ivory or Zote) We use an all natural/ organic handmade old fashion Bar

2. 1 Cup of Borax

3. 1 Cup of Washing Soda

Mix together well and store in a sealed container. Use 1 tablespoon for Front Loaders & 2 Tablespoons for Top Loaders

4. You can exfoliate your skin on a Regular Basis (Once a month). I suggest only exfoliating once the skin is healed and back to normal at least a month of healthy skin before attempting to exfoliate! I recommend a coffee scrub recipe of Shea Butter & coffee grinds:

A few drops of Vitamin E & Peppermint Oil, A few tablespoons of Used Coffee Grinds, Honey, Ground Oat Powder, Whipped Shea Butter- Combine together and mix well! Use mixture while in tub and rinse thoroughly! Your skin will look and feel completely smoothed & moisturized!

5. Ensure that the fresh bare layers of skin are sealed with a natural & organic moisturizer containing plenty of nourishing Essential Fatty Acids, to ensure that the skin is protected. Find one here: 

6. Now it is about maintaining healthy, well moisturized skin with a light all natural and organic body moisturizer

I hope this helps you all with controlling your Eczema outbreaks. Please leave a comment below and have An Awesome Day! Many Blessings to you and your family!!!


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