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Compost Smoothies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Eco-Friendly Gardening


Embrace a greener lifestyle and enhance your gardening practices with the innovative concept of compost smoothies. This method, a form of direct or blender composting, offers a swift and efficient way to utilize kitchen scraps, enriching your garden with essential nutrients.

Compost Smoothies: The Basics

Composting, a natural and straightforward process, involves creating a dedicated spot for decomposing organic material. The beauty of compost smoothies lies in their simplicity and immediacy, perfect for those seeking an alternative to traditional composting methods.

Creating Your First Compost Smoothie

During a recent small gathering, we tried our hand at making a compost smoothie using dinner prep scraps. Our blend included unused basil leaves, shallot nubs, red pepper remnants, and cherry tomatoes. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Collect Scraps: Keep a glass bowl handy during meal prep to collect suitable scraps.
  • Blend: Once you have enough to fill half of your blender, add water and blend until smooth.
  • Use Fresh: These freshly made batches are ideal for immediate use in your garden.

Dos and Don'ts:

  • Fresh Only: Stick to fresh scraps like vegetable and fruit peelings. Avoid adding leftovers with oils, dressings, meat, or dairy.
  • Coffee Grounds: Don’t blend them but stir them into your compost mix afterward.
  • Gentle Application: When adding compost to your garden, do so gently. Create a small hole near the plant and let the soil’s ecosystem naturally absorb and distribute the nutrients. For potted plants, spoon a little compost mix onto the soil.


Compost smoothies offer a fun, easy, and environmentally friendly way to nourish your plants. Whether you lack the space for traditional composting or prefer a quicker method, this approach brings you closer to sustainable living. So, gather your kitchen scraps, blend them up, and watch your garden thrive with these nutrient-rich compost smoothies!

Happy composting!

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