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Easy Compost Tips: Whip Up A Smoothie

Composting kitchen scraps is hardly the newest way to lighten our loads on Mother Earth, especially with more communities offering curbside compost services. 

Composting isn't difficult provided there is a designated spot, and a system to it. It's a natural process, so however diligent or casual the system, compost will happen.

On the Internet one day, I stumbled upon another article about "compost smoothies" from a blog called Maoomba. Maoomba's article about compost smoothies-or direct composting, or what some even call blender composting, can helped tighten the loop on any kitchen garden by using fresh scraps immediately.

Here's an example of a compost smoothie made using dinner prep scraps from a small gathering:

unused basil leaves and stems, shallot nubs, red pepper guts, cherry tomatoes. Keep a glass bowl out for these things in cooking prep. When the contents are enough to your blender about half way, add some water and whiz it up. Use these small, fresh batches immediately, if you don't have the patience for traditional composting-this may just be your thing. 

Using advice from others, I'm only putting fresh things like the prep scraps in these compost smoothies. No food from the table with oils and dressings gets added, and no meat or dairy. Don't add coffee grounds into the blender, but stir them into the mix after its finished. The plants don't seem to mind.

Making compost smoothies in your blender couldn't be easier. It's exactly what it sounds like - food scraps and water whizzed up. Another tip gained recently: when adding compost to the ground, don't agitate the area much. Let the soil's own ecosystem absorb and distribute nutrients by adding compost mix into a small hole next to the plant. For container plants, Spoon a bit of compost smoothie mix on the soil here and there.

Happy Composting! 

Danielle - uRBAN wHIP

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