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Who Are You Surrounded By?

Who Are You Surrounded By?

Who are your friends? Are your relationships encouraging or discouraging?

With true friends, you can be yourself. Your true friends are genuinely happy for your success. Your true friends believe in you, they encourage you and they always challenge you. A true friend won’t sit back while you nurture bad habits. You don’t have to impress a real friend. Your real friends believe in you and who you are.

Consider your relationships. Do they incite drama or encourage progress? Do your friends suck your energy or ignite your passion? Can you really talk to your friends? Do they encourage each other? Do they focus on the positive or do they gossip? Are they honest?

Think about your close relationships? Have you developed bad habits? Are you encouraging to your partner, spouse or children? Do you help them to be their best and share with them your aspirations and ask to share theirs?

Are there friendships that you would be better off focusing a little less energy on. If you are part of negative friendships & don’t see change as possible, begin to step back from the cycle of negativity & instead invest your energy & time into relationship that are supportive & positive!!

There was a quote I read recently that stated: ” Your truest friends are the people who dont walk out the door when life gets real hard – they actually pour some coffee and pull up a chair”

Who is in your circle of influence?
Get around People Who Have Something Of Value To Share With You. Their Impact Will Continue to Have Significant Effect On Your Life Long After They Have Departed!

Danielle Lasit

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