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Urban Whip: Crafting a Community Oasis in the Heart of the City

Urban Whip: Crafting a Community Oasis in the Heart of the City


Urban Whip is embarking on an exciting journey, transitioning from an online store to a brick-and-mortar location that's more than just a shop—it's a community hub. This new venture is not just about showcasing our handmade skincare, haircare, and home care products, but also about creating a space that's fun, educational, and integral to the neighborhood.

The Urban Whip Store Experience:

Imagine walking into a store where soaps are displayed like candies and bath products resemble perfectly packaged cupcakes. This is what Urban Whip is bringing to life—a delightful, sensory experience for all ages. Our cozy kitchen table setup allows for intimate discussions about skin and hair care needs, promoting a friendly, down-to-earth shopping atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly Design and Community Engagement:

Central to our vision is an eco-friendly design, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. Our goal is to strengthen the neighborhood by offering more than just products. We plan to host workshops on various topics like life skills, home management, health, and urban farming. These sessions, available both in-person and online, aim to teach healthier, more positive, and less wasteful living.

A Haven for Families and Children:

Urban Whip is set to be a family-friendly zone where learning and playing go hand in hand. Our workshops will cover natural green cleaning, yoga, sewing, gardening, and more. We're also excited about our 'Fun with the Littles' workshops, featuring activities like play dough fun, bubble making, and finger painting play!

Special Events and Read Aloud Workshops:

In addition to regular workshops, we'll host read-aloud sessions, mommy + baby time, and sensory play activities. Our venue will also be available for birthday parties, staff nights, mother’s groups, and child day spa events.

Urban Oasis: A Vision of Health and Productivity:

Urban Whip's City Oasis will be a sanctuary in the urban landscape, providing a space for relaxation and community activities. Here, we'll host training workshops and encourage the establishment of gardens, promoting health and wellness. Our Urban Oasis will not only offer a respite from the city life but also contribute to the environment by enhancing natural beauty and providing habitats for wildlife.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to create an abundance of food for those in need, inspiring and educating communities for a sustainable future. We envision a world where good health and productivity are inherent, where we consume less and create more, contributing positively to the Earth.


Urban Whip is more than a store; it's a movement towards a healthier, more connected community. By blending retail with education and environmental consciousness, we aim to transform lives and build stronger, happier families. Join us at Urban Whip, where we're not just selling products—we're cultivating a vibrant community oasis.

This article outlines Urban Whip's transition from an online store to a brick-and-mortar location, emphasizing its focus on community engagement, education, and environmental sustainability. It highlights the unique experiences, workshops, and events planned for the store, painting a picture of a vibrant community hub in the heart of the city.

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  • Danielle Lasit