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Urban Whip: Nurturing Community and Nature in the Heart of the City

Urban Whip: Nurturing Community and Nature in the Heart of the City

Welcome to Urban Whip, where the heart of our business beats in unison with the community and nature. As we expand beyond our online presence, we're thrilled to announce the opening of our brick-and-mortar location, a tangible testament to our commitment to hands-on interaction and community engagement.

A Unique Experience at Urban Whip's Non-Edible Bath Bakery & Bath Candy Confections Shop

Imagine a world where bath products are as enticing as candy - that's what we bring to life at our store. Here, soaps take on the allure of a candy shop, and bath candies are as exquisitely packaged as gourmet cupcakes. Our store isn't just a place to shop; it's an experience, featuring a cozy kitchen table for one-on-one consultations, embodying our "back to basics" philosophy with a focus on personal connections and eco-friendly operations.

Investing in Our Neighborhood: More Than Just a Store

At Urban Whip, we aspire to be a cornerstone of the community. We're not just selling products; we're creating a hub for learning, sharing, and growing together. Our store will host an array of workshops, from life skills to home management, health, play, and finances. These sessions will cover diverse topics like meal planning, exercising, crocheting, sewing, gardening, and urban farming, fostering a healthier, more positive, and sustainable lifestyle.

Engaging Activities for All Ages

Our vision extends to providing a welcoming space for families and children. We'll be conducting various DIY classes, parties, and workshops like natural green cleaning, yoga, sewing, gardening, composting, and of course, soap making. Our interactive sessions aim to nurture happy, healthy families, offering a platform for creativity and learning.

Special Workshops for Little Ones

We believe in making learning fun for children, which is why we have designed workshops specifically for them. From play dough fun to bubble making, ice cream dough crafting, sidewalk chalk art, and finger painting play, we have a plethora of activities to spark their imagination and creativity.

Celebrating Together: Party Venues and More

Urban Whip is also set to become a go-to destination for celebrations. Whether it's birthday parties, staff activity nights, mother's groups, or child day spas, we're ready to host and celebrate every milestone with you.

Urban Oasis: Our Commitment to Health and Sustainability

Our mission extends beyond our store walls. We aim to create an abundance of fresh produce for people in need, encouraging the establishment of gardens and raising awareness for health and wellness. Our urban oasis is a vision of a future where health, innovation, and productivity thrive.

In our urban oasis, we'll showcase the power of fresh ingredients. We understand that the potency of a fruit or herb begins to wane the moment it's plucked from the tree. By using the freshest ingredients from our garden, we ensure that our products are packed with nutrients, delivering the maximum benefits to your skin.

Join Us at Urban Whip

We invite you to be a part of our journey at Urban Whip, where we blend community spirit, sustainable living, and a passion for natural beauty. Together, let's create a space that's more than just a store - a place where we can grow, learn, and cherish the beauty of life in the heart of the city.

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  • Danielle Lasit