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fEMININE bATH sOAK | Womb Wellness | Rebalance

fEMININE bATH sOAK | Womb Wellness | Rebalance

Feminine Bath Soak | Womb Wellness | Rebalance Overview

Urban Whip's Rebalance Bath Soak is designed to naturally restore and maintain the health of the vaginal flora. This product is particularly focused on balancing vaginal pH and combating common issues like yeast infections, UTIs, and Candida overgrowth.

Key Benefits

  1. Restores Vaginal Flora: Assists in rebalancing vaginal pH, creating a conducive environment for beneficial bacteria.
  2. Combats Infections: Effective against bacterial, viral, and protozoal infections common in the vaginal area.
  3. Wellness and Restoration: Helps in overall womb wellness and the restoration of good bacteria.

How to Use

  • Add the solution to bath water.
  • Soak for at least 20 minutes.
  • Gently pat dry the intimate area after bathing.

Key Ingredients

  • Raspberry Leaf: Known for its benefits in female health, particularly in toning the pelvic muscles.
  • Hibiscus Flower: Contains natural acids that help in maintaining a healthy pH balance.
  • Pau D'Arco: Has antifungal properties, beneficial in fighting yeast infections.
  • Bentonite Clay: Draws out toxins and impurities, offering a cleansing effect.
  • Chamomile: Soothes skin irritations and calms inflammation.
  • Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils: Provide antibacterial and antifungal properties, along with a calming scent.


Comes in a 16 oz reusable glass bottle with a screw lid, emphasizing sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Ideal For

This bath soak is ideal for women looking to naturally manage vaginal health issues and maintain a balanced pH level. It's especially beneficial for those experiencing recurrent infections or imbalances in vaginal flora.

Additional Notes

  • It's always advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new wellness regimen, especially for intimate health.
  • The natural and gentle formulation makes it suitable for regular use as part of a holistic approach to feminine wellness.

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